Jilinda Lee – Professional Expertise

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Founder / CEO –  Workforce VITALITY

Jilinda is a Change Champion and Workplace Behavioural Expert - with a laser focus on developing authentic and dynamic change leaders through:

  • Executive Management Coaching
  • Leadership Development Mentoring
  • Leadership and personal development programs
  • Diagnostic behaviour profiling tools
  • Change management frameworks
  • Group Coaching and Training
  • Presenting and Facilitating
  • Writing – e-books, articles, blogs and inspirational posts.

“Developing the ‘whole self’ is the key … my leadership development formula is:  

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  • knowledge & mindfulness intelligence [IQ] +
  • emotional intelligence  [EQ] +
  • situational & social intelligence [SQ] +
  • relationship building [RQ] +
  • integrity & individual style [ISQ] 

Leadership Intelligence Quotient [LQ] “.

As Founder of Workforce VITALITY, Jilinda’s vision for the organisation is to partner with businesses to develop dynamic leaders, energised teams and vibrant workplace cultures. 

Recognised for leadership strengths, and with 20+ years experience as a leader of change, people manager, coach and mentor across a range of sectors, Jilinda has a lifelong thirst for continual learning and a ‘what’s next’ attitude. She thrives on making a difference, influencing and leading change, and inspiring others to be the best they can be in a world full of choices.

Jilinda is passionate about leadership development … authentic leadership, with genuine intent and personal integrity … purposefully helping key people to develop leadership cabability, character and confidence … encouraging them to step up and be influencers of change; role models in organisations and broader community. This is THE essential ingredient in building and empowering effective, flexible, buzzing workplace cultures.

Her enthusiasm and positive approach to change is evident by the way she approaches her own life.  She embraces change as a welcome opportunity to learn new things, to experience new places, new people, new adventures … to grasp hold of a world full of choices … and to help influence others to lead change.

Her favourite quote is: 

‘There is no passion to be found playing small … in choosing a life that is less than the one you are capable of living’Nelson Mandela 


  • CEO - Workforce Vitality  [Developer, Coach, Mentor, Trainer, Presenter, Workshop Facilitator, Writer]
  • Central QLD Regional Manager - Training Queensland – Department of Education, Training and Employment  [Strategic operations, program leadership, team leadership, performance & development]
  • North QLD District ManagerTraining Queensland – Department of Employment and Training  [Team management, performance and development, operational management, stakeholder engagement]
  • Training ConsultantTraining Queensland – Brisbane North and Central Highlands regions  [ Training and apprenticeship management, compliance case management, stakeholder engagement]
  • Industry Business CoachBeyond the Basics  [Small business management systems advice, team development mentoring, advanced skills training and industry advocate]
  • Business Owner - successful small business in regional Queensland  [Owner, operator, team management and trainer of apprentices]
  • Business Manager / Trainer  - chain of 6 small businesses in regional Queensland [operational management, team management and training coordinating across chain]


  • VITAL PERFORMANCE FRAMEWORK – 2016 – developed a simple and effective employee performance framework – discussion tool, individual action plan, & performance improvement plan, easy to use tools.
  • LEAN IN to LEADERSHIP Circles -  2014 -> ongoing - business partner of LEAN IN global movement and registered facilitator / instigator of LEAN IN Circles in Queensland and Victoria.
  • Project ROARRegional Operational Activities Review/ Restructure/ Realign – 2012developed and led organisational restructure project
  • Workforce Development Strategy2009-2011 – instigation, development and advocate for Training Queensland’s new direction focused on education solutions, to reduce need for compliance activities.
  • MT 360 - 2008-2012 – instigated, developed and implemented 360 degree feedback  for Central QLD Region’s Management  Team, implementing 6 monthly performance reviews.
  • PMP Framework and Self-Assessment Discussion Tool – 2005-2012 – instigated, developed and implemented new individual performance management framework, which was subsequently adopted in other regional teams across the state.
  • Public Sector State-wide Leadership Recognition Awards - 2006 Ideas and Innovation Award;  2006 Partnering and Team Work Award;  2008 Partnering Award.
  • WAM project Walk a Mile in my shoes – 2005-6 - developed and led project to enhance understanding and appreciation of stakeholder partnerships.


  • MMgt - Master of Management – HRM and Leadership disciplines [USQ]
  • FAIM - Fellow Associate of Australaian Institude of Managers
  • CAHRI - Certified Professional Member of Australian Human Resource Institute
  • ICF - International Coach Federation accreditation
  • SEIP - Certified Social & Emotional Intelligence Profiling Coach [ISEI accredited]
  • DISC + MOTIVATORS -  Certified Personal and Team Dynamics Behaviour Profiling Coach [DTS accredited]
  • NLP - Accredited Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner [ABNLP accredited]


Jilinda is actively involved in her local community and broader networks, through the following groups and associations:

  • AHRI – Australian Human Resources Institute – CAHRI – certifed professional member
  • AIM - Australian Institude of Managers – FAIM – fellow associate member & AIM Mentor
  • ALGWA - Australian Local Government Womens Association – member
  • CBWC – Cairns Business Womens Club – member
  • CCC – Cairns Chamber of Commerce – member
  • CCCT - Cooktown Chamber of Commerce and Tourism – Past President
  • ElevateHER – Leadership Forum and programs for women – encouraging and supporting gender equality
  • LEAN IN- Global movement – encouraging women to lean into leadership [registered partner / circle facilitator]
  • LEAN IN to LEADERSHIP Circles – Circle leader and regional faciliator

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