BE YOURSELF…you are enough – Series~Tip #1

PEOPLE - ME2. istock-illustration-13046556-humanBE YOURSELF … Part 1 of a personal challenge blog series,  that shares my 6 TIPS on how to embrace BEING YOU.

If you have not read my initial personal experience blurb on this, you can access it in my Life Coaching blog box.

In a nutshell, my message to you is to be consciously aware of the continual messages you are receiving every day, that if allowed to ‘get inside your head’, can make you feel like you have to try to live your life to other people’s standards, rules or expectations.

These messages are all around us:

  • In continuous marketing: TV, magazines, internet, Facebook, music, shops …
  • In our personal interactions: work colleagues, competitive friends and neighbours, political agendas, relatives …;

practically everywhere we go, these messages are trying to influence us.

So what? What I have found is that the more you let these people and marketers work on you, the more they get a grip. When we try to change who we are to fit in, fit with the ‘desired model’, we are piling on more pressure and stress because we feel that we haven’t quite got there yet. Often the negative and unresourceful message we can take from this is that ‘we are not good enough’ yet.

Every day, every second we are bombarded with lots of data and information, and we actually can’t process it all; so in order to make sense of our world we use our mental filters to delete what’s not important or what we don’t believe. We also generalise and distort the information using unconscious filters linked to our values, experiences and the reference points we use to make decisions. All these things we each choose … and we can change.

My #ONE TIP to BE YOUChange your conditioning

You have got to get some different information coming into your mind than those who have influenced your thinking … your past & current influencers [eg parents, siblings, competitive friends, marketers?]. Focus on changing that … eliminate any messages that make you feel ‘not good enough’.

Know that you have the inner confidence to align your life with your own true purpose.  Do some self-reflecting … what are your core values? … what’s important, what’s not … what drives you? Peel away the layers and those bull shit stories you have taken on that are not serving you well …  and simply BE YOU … that authentic, genuine individual that embraces life.  Know that you have all that you need inside you right now to change this conditioning.

Don’t let others determine your course … and if they have until this point, the time to change it is RIGHT NOW.

Be your authentic self … that way you have no competition.

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