BE YOURSELF…you are enough–Series~Tip #5

PEOPLE - ME2. istock-illustration-13046556-humanBE YOURSELF … Part 5 of a personal challenge blog series that shares my 6 TIPS on how to embrace BEING YOU.

If you have not read the other tips in this series, you can access previous parts in my Life Coaching blog box.

In my previous BE YOURSELF blogs, I’ve spoken about:

  1. eliminating negative influences
  2. not focusing on what others think of YOU
  3. being genuine, open and honest, embracing your REAL self
  4. practicing self-love, honing your self-awareness and self-management skills

… and today, I encourage you to B R E A T H … chill out … don’t be so hard on yourself.

So today didn’t go as you planned? … Seems like ‘everything’ you plan turns pear-shaped? REALLY? … Everything?  What, nothing ever works out? If you think or talk like this, stop yourself NOW!

This type of over-exaggerated negative talk is sometimes referred to as catastrophizinga thinking pattern that turns little stuff into big issues, focuses on worst case scenarios and makes wide-spread conclusions based on a single incident. This type of thinking feeds one of our greatest and most destructive fears:

The fear of not being good enough often the deep rooted cause of stopping us moving forward.

I like to think of each day as a new page and each season as a new chapter … like turning the page … no need to re-read the last one. Start fresh as tomorrow is another day.  Even when things don’t go to plan … its good to explore ‘what else?’  Sometimes shit happens to simply show you that there are other [better] options to choose from … and I have found it’s often been just what I’ve needed.

Here’s a great example:  If I was busier in my leadership coaching business right now, I probably would not be writing this article today. If I didn’t take this break time to put my thoughts on paper in a series of blogs, I wouldn’t have the bones of my first book started, as I have now. I’ve learned life is not a race or competition … it’s a journey of exploration one day at a time.

So what if late December and early January are slow weeks? … what a great opportunity for reflection time!  My best thoughts, ideas and creative planning comes to me when I am walking the beach, climbing hills and sitting on bench seats admiring the sea views, or enjoying sunshine around the pool. In fact, I achieve so much more when I relax and simply take the time to let it flow.

You guessed it … my #FIVE TIP to BE YOURelax and let life take you where you need to go.

Get out of your own way, if it’s keeping you from moving forward. Get into the flow. The only time you have is now, yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not guaranteed. Stop worrying … take one day at a time … one hour at a time … moment by moment you are moving forward. Little by little, a little becomes a lot.

Remember: no matter how slow you go, you are still lapping those who are sitting on the couch.

If you are stuck in negative thinking and feel like your plans never work out the way you want them to … STOP … BREATH … RELAX … change your thinking and give yourself a break.






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