BE YOURSELF…you are enough–Series~Tip #6

PEOPLE - ME2. istock-illustration-13046556-humanBE YOURSELF … Finally … Part 6 of a personal challenge blog series that shares my 6 TIPS on how to embrace BEING YOU.

If you have not read the start of this series, you can access previous parts in my Life Coaching blog box.

In my previous BE YOURSELF blogs, I’ve spoken about eliminating negative influences, focusing on being YOU, being genuine, open and honest, your real self, practicing self-love, and chilling out, don’t be so hard on yourself.   Today I’m wrapping up this series of tips with a challenge to you … to go deeper and find the GOLD.  

Today … and over the next few months, I strongly urge you to take time out to reflect on who you REALLY are … dig deeper and discover:

  • what are your core values and beliefs? … are you living a life congruent to those? … are they serving you well?
  • what is your true purpose?  … who do YOU really want to be? … what do YOU really want to do with your life?
  • What is your compelling reason for that? … what drives you? … be clear on the reasons?
  • What do you need to do to have that? … what’s missing? … what needs to change?
  • What or who do you connect with? … are you connecting and spending time with those who matter? … who fits with your purpose in life?

Yep … D E E P.  That may seem like a lot of questions to ponder … and the problem is we often get pulled along in life from one day to the next and don’t STOP … and assess, how is that working out?

I meet so many people who seem to be living their life in a robotic routine … without mindfulness, day in and day out.  It’s like their own feelings have flat-lined … it’s like they have already died on the outside, but for a faint heart beat that keeps them plodding along.

Then there are those who live like an ever-ready battery powered bunny … hopping from one thing to the next, tossed this way and that from all the external demands … always on the hop, and no time to question or pause to think for themselves.

You know … we all have the same 7 days and 24 hours … and we each have many choices about how we use that … what we do … how we connect with ourselves and our own purpose in life.

Start this week… take the time to find your deeper purpose. In order to bring wonderful things into your life it is important to have clarity. It is difficult to be clear when you have all these mixed messages in your mind … and these are often entrenched limiting beliefs that were never ‘yours’ to start with.  When you start to really explore, you will wonder ‘where did that thinking come from’?  

Believe me … I know how free and empowering it feels when you peel off the outer layers of what you’ve become … discard the stuff that was never a good fit … that was like living in someone else’s world … and get clear on what floats YOUR boat … get to the core.  Find a real sense of purpose.

When you have clarity around this and attach yourself to the reasons behind that purpose, you will gain the strength and motivation to break free from others and their conditioning, and truly believe in yourself. Truly be able to align your decisions with your own journey.

So … my #SIX TIP to BE YOUFind your deeper connection with life … your true purpose.

REALLY  find yourself, who you are and be who you always wanted to be, and truly connect with those people and things that really matter … that’s your GOLD. Life is so much more fulfilling when the pieces fit together to make ‘a complete picture’.

Remember: Not everyone will understand your journey. That’s fine … it’s not their journey to make sense of … it’s YOURs.

If you need some help to find your purpose … someone to help you explore down to the depths of your inner core … and help you discover your compelling reasons that will drive you to make the changes you know you need to make … engage a Life Coach … I would be happy to assist.

BE YOURSELF … the world needs your own special greatness.

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