BE different, BE the change … that’s the intention!


My Partner and I deliberately choose to live and work in smaller regional communities.  Each one is different, has unique attributes, and offers the potential opportunities for both of us to make a positive community development impact. We also … [Read more...]

REVOLUTIONARY CHANGE ROCKS – 6 Phase approach to building resilience – for fellow DISRUPTERS.


As a Change Champion and someone who constantly looks for opportunities to shake things up, disrupt mediocre status quo, and continually improve stuff; my 2017 New Year post was probably no surprise to any of you. Almost six months ago, I announced … [Read more...]

The Passive Bully Boss … PART THREE – How to deal with it

Passive bullying … How to deal with it? Chances are …it’s happening in your workplace, right?  So, I’m curious. What are you doing about flushing out and stopping this insidious behaviour? In my two previous Passive Bully Boss articles … [Read more...]

The Passive Bully Boss … PART TWO – Recognising the behaviour drivers

Passive Bully Boss - 2

Passive bullying … who would do that? Definitely not you, right? What drives a boss to treat employees that way? In the previous article – The Passive Bully Boss – PART ONE – Is that your management style?, I provided an overview of what … [Read more...]

The Passive Bully Boss – Part ONE – Is that your management style?

Mr Burns - Passive Bully Boss Image

Bullying.  Not your style, right? Everyone knows that bullying behaviours are wrong; whether in school yards, cyber-space, workplaces or even in board rooms.  It’s talked about, flushed out, investigated, and generally not tolerated these days … [Read more...]

Quit the Blame Game

Blame … it’s such a negative, immature emotion … and it stifles learning, real change and growth. Life is an interesting game ... a zig zag journey. There's stuff we plan and do, there's stuff we try, fail and learn from, then there's … [Read more...]

Why you should never cancel your Staff Xmas Party …

Xmas party - red and white group

HAPPY XMAS PARTY SEASON ... make it a meaningful event. Regardless of budget constraints or less-than-optimal situations, you should NEVER CANCEL THE STAFF XMAS PARTY. If there is one time of the year that staff want to feel appreciated, valued, … [Read more...]

S E R V E – Ten Questions to test your Servant Leadership strengths?

Quote. SERVE - explained

Servant Leadership ... what IS that?  Robert K. Greenleaf coined the term “servant leadership” in an essay he first published in 1970, saying: “The servant-leader is servant first. It begins with the natural feeling that one wants to serve, … [Read more...]

Monkey see, Monkey do, but do they know WHY?


Leaders be aware, be vigilant  ... Workplace Culture is vitaly important ... it shapes the organisation's reputation, attractiveness, energy levels, creativeness, productivity and ultimate success. Building the right culture is a crucial, … [Read more...]

The Great HR Debate – IQ versus EQ

Quote Pic. eq-vs-iq1

Why is this a 'great debate?' ... Why does this cause HR practitioners to passionately argue their points of view  ... on whether IQ or EQ is more important, when it comes to recruitment practices? Why should you care? Think about how you select … [Read more...]