The Passive Bully Boss … PART TWO – Recognising the behaviour drivers

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Passive bullying … who would do that? Definitely not you, right? What drives a boss to treat employees that way? In the previous article – The Passive Bully Boss – PART ONE – Is that your management style?, I provided an overview of what … [Read more...]

The Passive Bully Boss – Part ONE – Is that your management style?

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Bullying.  Not your style, right? Everyone knows that bullying behaviours are wrong; whether in school yards, cyber-space, workplaces or even in board rooms.  It’s talked about, flushed out, investigated, and generally not tolerated these days … [Read more...]

Monkey see, Monkey do, but do they know WHY?


Leaders be aware, be vigilant  ... Workplace Culture is vitaly important ... it shapes the organisation's reputation, attractiveness, energy levels, creativeness, productivity and ultimate success. Building the right culture is a crucial, … [Read more...]

Efficient Teamwork – 3 key factors

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Teamwork has been an essential component for human survival since the beginning of time. From coordinating hunting strategies -> to building roads -> to product development in the corporate world, when we work together as a focused team towards … [Read more...]

Workplace Culture – what makes your organisation tick?

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You can learn a lot about a group of people by looking at the little things they create … small stuff tells big stories. In the course of my work, both in my previous leadership roles and now as a Workplace Behaviour / Executive Coach, I get to … [Read more...]

Workplace Culture is the key …

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As managers, how to improve employee performance is often right under our nose, yet rarely spoken of or addressed. Most people understand that workplace culture is important, but they don't understand it in simple terms … in that sometimes … [Read more...]