Useful Links

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This page will be regularly updated to provide useful links to enhance your research and broader learning on these program themes:

LEADER Vitality

  • Workforce Vitality Inspirations – Facebok page of inspirational, motivating and challenging quotes and thought bites, to encourage leadership thinking and behaviour
  • John Maxwell books – One of our favourite Leadership Authors and Mentor to many successful leaders globally
  • Leaders in HEELS – Organisation to encourage women on their leadership journey

TEAM Vitality

SELF Vitality

  • Elevate HER – Lean IN Forum Table – Facebook page of inspirational quotes for encourage women to step up, stand out and speak up 
  • Dare to BE blogspot – Jilinda’s personal blogs on championing change – to encourage people to be unique individuals, bold and creative, and to make a difference
  • Lean IN – Global Movement  - Empowering women to achieve their ambition