LEADERSHIP: What it is … what it is NOT! Part ONE – The Intro – ONE.3 ~ The SO WHAT

Blue4LEADERSHIP: What it is … what it is NOT!          

PART ONE – The Intro –

1. Why / 2. What / 3. So What / 4. Now What




Note: This blog is the third  section of  PART ONE – The Intro … ONE.3 – The SO WHAT.  Please read the first two blogs in this series if you haven’t already:  ONE.1 – The WHY and ONE.2 – The WHAT

3. The SO WHAT

Perhaps, after reading the first two sections, you’re thinking ‘so what?’ …  ’this is nothing new’ … ‘all leaders think they ‘know the way – go the way – show the way’ [as espoused in John Maxwell's quote].   

OK … Let’s break this down further to what KEY things makes a GREAT leader then … what do great leaders have in common? Much research, theory and framework attempts to address this … we have, from some of the greats:

  • 7 habits of highly effective people
  • 10 essential ingredients for effective leadership
  • 21 irrefutable laws of leadership

All good stuff and I highly recommend aspiring leaders to read anything from Stephen Covey, Daniel Golemen, and John Maxwell; … however, I like to keep things as simple as possible … the KISS principle if you like.  There is no need to over-complicate this … and it is important to remember that many people will form a judgement within seconds of meeting [or observing] a ‘would be leader’. One of my favourite quotes from a great leader I admire is:

“Complexity is your enemy. Any fool can make something complicated. It is harder to make something simple”

- Richard Branson

So on that note … I think much of the frameworks, ingredients and long lists of laws about leadership, can be wrapped up into 3 fundamental, observable behaviours; … even more importantly, I believe they are ESSENTIAL responsibilities required of great leaders in all areas of life.  Frankly, without these … you are simply not a leader in my books; … not worth following; … certainly not worthy of my vote or my time.

Great leaders must have the mindset of a leader … they must understand what leadership is about.  So, what exactly do leaders do? Simple … leaders lead and influence others.  Real leadership is all about all about leading others.  To do that, to gain followers, I believe you need to demonstrate these 3 fundamental behaviours really well:

  1. Be trustworthy
  2. Lead and inspire change
  3. Be a role model

What’s so special about these 3?  … Two reasons:

  • These three are CORE responsibilities; … made up of inner values, drivers and belief systems; … these are not things you turn on and off like a tap, for only when people are watching; … these fuel the behaviours and actions that produce desired outcomes; … and
  • I believe we need to get back to the basics and drop the bullshit; … these are the fundamental behaviours that are chronically missing from our leaders locally and from many state-wide, nationally and globally.

So … in a nutshell … a great leader is trustworthy, leads and inspires others, and demonstrates ethical behaviours and actions with the right intent and purpose [for the greater good]. Know any?

“You can’t TALK your way out of a problem …
            that you’ve BEHAVED your way into”

Stephen R Covey

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