LEADERSHIP: What it is … what it is NOT! Part ONE – The Intro – ONE.4 ~ The NOW WHAT


 LEADERSHIP: What it is … what it is NOT!          

PART ONE – The Intro –

1. Why / 2. What / 3. So What / 4. Now What


THE PURPOSE:  To inspire others to …  


Note: This blog is the fourth and final  section of  PART ONE – The Intro – ONE.4 –  The NOW WHAT.

Please read the first three blogs in this series if you haven’t already: The WHY,  The WHAT and The SO WHAT. [Yes, PART ONE – The Intro … was a tad too long to put in one blog, especially for those of you reading this on a mobile device.]


Lets get into the nitty gritty … I think I’ve sketched out enough of the background scene with you in the previous blogs …  on WHY this needs to be talked about;  WHAT real leadership is about;  and simplified the theory and frameworks on what makes a GREAT leader, down to 3 core observable behaviours:

  1. Be trustworthy
  2. Lead and inspire change
  3. Be a role model

I will elaborate further on these 3 essential responsibilities, separately in the next 3 PARTS of this series and throw in some real life examples for good measure.

Why do that?  … Because if we keep accepting the average, mediocre examples of leadership we currently have, and if we keep rewarding and resourcing bad behaviours; … our communities will not improve, grow and develop to full potential.  You can’t seriously keep living in hope that one day a ‘new, inspirational great one’ will suddenly appear on the horizon and turn years of stagnant and stale, into growth and vitality … [hang on … that won’t work because they’d have to be a local ‘connected cowboy’ or ‘neighbourhood nanny’ to be trusted, right?]. 

The point I’m making is; … sitting and hoping that things will change ‘one day’ … that people warming their butts in high places now will suddenly change their unresourceful approaches … is total crap.  Hope is not a strategy.

“You can’t make footprints in the sands of time by sitting on your butt …
and who wants to make butt-prints?

So NOW, I’m going to share with you some of the behaviour I believe needs to change in many of our communities and regions … so that you become more aware … and hopefully inspired to develop and support REAL leaders.  Obviously, I’m not going to use real names and places, and my stories will often be a combination of experiences and observations.

To give you a little taste of the quirkiness to come; … allow me to introduce to you my fictional characters with typical behaviours,  which will pop up in examples across this series.  Meet:


EENY – he thrives on positional power, is ego driven, needs to be liked, and craves recognition and me-me-me attention


MEENY – she must dominate and control, is self-survival driven, needs to conquer,  and craves significance and certainty


MOLLY – he is self-centered focused, achievement driven, needs to win at all costs, craves personal results and minimal social interaction


MO – he’s the joker, enjoys socializing and having fun, is relationship driven, needs trusted connections, and craves stability and certainty


While all four of these characters are fictional, they represent typical behaviours I’ve observed from senior leadership roles; … behaviours that have not served them well, or the organisations they lead. You may note with interest that it is not just the observed behaviours that I will share, but also what generally drives and motivates that type of behaviour.

I’m not plucking this from the air [or other unmentionable places]; … it comes from years of studies on human behaviour [Masters in Management – HRM and Leadership specialisations] and my current work on identifying behaviour and motivator types [DISC + WPMOT + EI frameworks] and Leadership Development Coaching.  It also comes from passionate curiosity and a need to make sense of the world; … I love people watching.

I’ll also be writing about Itchy and Scratchy … which is both a relationship and an all too common activity with questionable ethics. I’m amazed at how openly this occurs and that it’s accepted.

Remember; … seek first to understand why; … when we recognise the intent and purpose that drives such entrenched behaviours, it is easier to see what needs changing; … what genuine leadership is, and what stops strong inspirational leadership.

To be aware … is to be informed.  When we are informed … we can make better decisions.  When we make better decisions about the leaders we choose to follow [work for], support [vote for], and resource [pay for]; … we will finally see real vision, action, growth and development of our organisations and local communities.

Thank you for reading – PART ONE – The INTRO; … I believe it is important that you know MY intent and purpose and what drives ME -> the need to use my experiences to help drive much needed change.

Stay tuned for a very interesting PART TWO – on … Being TRUSTWORTHY.

” As we look ahead … Leaders will be those who empower others”

- Bill Gates

To read more online, click on  Part TWO– Being TRUSTWORTHY[when released]


To download the full article – PART ONE – The Intro – 1. Why / 2. What / 3. So What / 4. Now What -in printable PDF format, click here:  - LEADERSHIP – What is IS … What it is NOT … series



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