LEADER Vitality


Be a leader, an influencer … be the change you want to see in others.

From years of observing leadership practices and behaviour across a broad range of arenas, studying leadership disciplines, continually absorbing leadership articles and books, being leaders, influencers of change, drivers of new thinking … it is no wonder that we are passionate advocates promoting the need to build leadership intelligence competence in our key people … our potential managers, our CEOS, our community leaders of tomorrow.

Frankly, from our experiences in various arenas, real leadership skills are scarce … and many managers and leaders have not gained professional development in leadership skills.


Jilinda has developed her own Leadership Formula, which she believes provides the total package of what a successful leader needs to build competence in:

knowledge & technical intelligence [IQ] +
emotional intelligence [EQ] +
situational & social intelligence [SQ] +
relationship building [RQ] +
individual style [ISQ] =

Leadership Intelligence [LQ] .

Most of our Leadership Development packages include one of the best global EQ profiling and development frameworks – Social + Emotional Intelligence Profiling 0r SEIP.  S+EI [or often referred to as EQ] is about being aware of ourselves and others, in the moment … and using that to manage our behaviour and our responses … with a strong focus on building and managing relationships with others. It is based on Daniel Goleman’s original model and empasses many skills sets [26 competencies in fact], including stress management, resilience, managing conflict, powerful influencing skills, catalyzing change, teamwork and collaboration, building trust … and many more.

Our effective Leadership Development products and programs include:

  • VITAL SEIP Package - Social + Emotional Intelligence Profile [SEIP] online assessment, report, 3 x coaching sessions and action plan
  • VITAL SIGNS Leadership Development Package – SEIP online assessment, comprehensive report + 6 x leadership coaching & mentoring sessions, and follow-up support with tips and tools - *our most popular product
  • LPI Review -  Leadership Practices Inventory – 360 degree Leadership Behaviour direct contact feedback, collated review, coaching unpack and action plan
  • VIGOUR LQ Leadership Development Program – Build your Leadership Quotient … series of 5 x workshops designed to build leadership capability across organisations using our unique Leadership Formula – LQ * NEW program – rave results

We also deliver short group workshops for managers and supervisors within organisations and presentations to business network groups, as a great way to introduce and explain -

  • Social + Emotional Intelligence Framework
  • Leadership Practices Inventory – 5 leadership practices Framework
  • DISC Framework- Observable behaviour types to improve communication skills.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs and find out about our packaged programs and group discounts.