VIGOUR LQ – Leadership Development Program

Build strong Leadership Intelligence Quotient –  LQ Muscle …

VIGOUR-LQ-LogoHow strong, positive and driven is your organisation’s leadership team?

Is their leadership style working for them … and         for your organisation’s progressive vision?

Do you have good managers / supervisors / team leaders – technically speaking …  who perhaps struggle to get others enthusiastically ‘on board’ ?

Do others follow their lead because they have to? … or because they want to? 

Do you  want to build strong, pro-active, empowered teams … driven by a circle of trusting and trusted individuals?

Strengthen your organisation’s leadership capability – and your key people’s                               Leadership Intelligence Quotient [LQ],  with our very successful …                                           VIGOUR LQ program …  enabling vigorous, energetic, dynamic leaders.

What’s that?

Our VIGOUR LQ  Program, includes:

  • 5 interactive, practical workshops   – embracing our 5 step leadership formula:

~ IQ – Manage with engaged HEAD space  - to inspire a shared vision …
~ EQ – Lead with emotionally intelligent HEART space  - to encourage the heart …
~ SQ – Expand SITUATIONAL and strategic awareness  -  to model the way …
~ RQ – Influence RELATIONSHIPS through effective connections –  to enable others to act …
~ ISQ - Build INDIVIDUAL STYLE and personal power – to challenge the process 


  • Social + Emotional Intelligence Profiling [SEIP] - online S+EI assessment for each participant … to find out their strengths and vulnerabilities
  • Comprehensive [40 page] individual report – with development tips and tools


  • Leadership Coaching & Mentoring sessions - 3  x 1 hr sessions for each individual participant 

The program has been designed to run over 5-6 months, with supportive individual coaching sessions conducted in between the 5 workshops.

WHY this course? 

In short … our formula works.  It is based on a natural energy flow that switches on lots of ‘light bulb’ moments and builds strength from within each participant.  This program delivers practical learning, positive thinking, professional approach, and is deliberately personally focused professional development.

Leadership is an attitude … and therefore, it must originate from your core – building your  internal strength – your LQ muscle,  based on your own passion and purpose.  [WOW!  We clearly love those powerful P-words!].

We believe great leadership starts with getting clear on your purpose, believing in what you do and why you are doing it … so that others connect with ‘your WHY’ and want to be part of the same vision – to join in on the same journey.

WHO’s it suitable for?

  •  New ‘people managers’ – entry level supervisors and team leaders
  •  Managers who want to be great leaders
  • Leaders who want to be more inspirational and engaging
  • Executive teams who want to build strong, united leadership teams [eg: LG Council executive teams and/or LG Councillor teams]

Check out our  VIGOUR LQ Program participants ratings for this course:

~ 100% of our participants recommend this unique program to others
~ 100% stated they gained so much more than expected from the one2one mentoring sessions
~ 100% stated they learned practical, relevant skills that they have [or will] immediately implement


We come to you … we like to get to know your organisation [yes, all the challenging pain points!] … and flexibly adapt the learnings and examples to provide the best outcomes for you.

We work with small groups … no less than 8, no more than 15 … ensures everyone is engaged, contributing and learning.

Our facilitatorJilinda Lee  is a little bit different :) …  known for her straight-shooting, fun-loving, slightly irreverant, non-traditional, outside-the-box, proudly unique approach.   She has a curious ‘why not?‘ attitude, and a determined  ‘what’s next?‘ aptitude.

Very professional and relaxed style of trainer. Jilinda has a wealth of practical knowledge and skills that are able to be adapted to any work environment.” – Manager – SHRCC 2015

Having undergone other ‘leadership’ training in the past, I would have to rate this program and Jilinda’s methods as being the most concise, practical leadership training that I’ve experienced. This program exceeded my expectations … it truly delivered [and continues to deliver].” – Participant – SHRCC 2015

Our purpose is to ensure each participant grows their LQ muscle – their leadership strength … and for our client organisations to immediately see and feel the positive results of investing in their key people … and for us to know that what we deliver increases leadership capacity across whole organisations and whole communities. We will do whatever it takes to achieve that.

That’s our WHY … that’s why we love delivering VIGOUR LQ.

Find out more today ... take positive action NOW … we are currently booking up our ‘next half year’ calendar.

Download the printable VIGOUR LQ Brochure here.