TEAM Vitality


Build energised, connected, empowered teams … be an employer of choice.

Is your workplace considered to be an ideal employment place  …  a first choice employer?  More importantly … if you are the leader or manager, do you know what your team members think?

Are you attracting good talent?  Are you retaining your key people … you know, the creative thinkers and achievement driven ones?

From my observations, I think many organisations need to take a good hard look at their people engagement practices. I often see values statements on the walls of offices declaring … We value our people’ ...  and sometimes managers reciting the popular motto  …               … “Our people are our greatest assets” … but then their actions and behaviour, and workplace culture portrays something quite the opposite.


One of the best ways to inject a dose of Vitality  - energy and enthusiasm into your teams is to invest in building their skill levels … by providing targeted, practical, interactive and fun professional development.  

How?  Your staff performance reviews should be focused on finding out … ‘what skill development or team development would make the biggest difference … what would make their role better and their workplace a great place to be?’  

Did you know that companies with happy workers have:

51% lower turnover [Gallup]

43% more productivity HayGroup]

125% less burnout [HBR]

33% higher profitability [Gallup]

19% less sick leave [iOpener]

Here are the 3 top requests for help I commonly hear from organisations and teams, right across Australia:

  1. Effective Communication … with all personality types, generations, genders, etc.
  2. Self-Management skills … time management, resilience to stressful situations, adapting to constant changes, etc
  3. Workplace Culture … often steming from poor leadership skills – no clear direction or expectations …  or inaction from leaders to address poor behaviour.

Our Team Building and Workplace Culture development products and programs include:

  • DISC + Workplace Motivators [WPMOT] Review –  DISC + WPMOT online assessments, both personal & group reports, and workshop unpack

We like to partner with organisations and get to know specific needs … then design your unique TEAM Vitality package.  Our clients and workshop participants have found this type of targeted learning provides more relevant and practical skills that they can immediately implement. Here’s what they say …