ABNLPSEIP Coach Certification logoICF logoJilinda Lee – Director of Workforce VITALITY is an internationally accredited Coach,  with expertise in Life/Leadership/Workplace Behaviour Coaching, dynamic change leadership, diagnostic and behaviour profiling, and Neuro Linguistic Programming -NLP strategies, … and uses reflective coaching techniques to assist managers, individuals or teams within organisations, move to the next level to reach personal, career and business aspirations.

Jilinda brings her leadership knowledge and experience to the table … will challenge you to take action … prod you when needed and support you to implement real change.

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Our coaching specialty is in:

  • Leadership / Change Management coaching
  • Career  / performance coaching
  • Individual / personal power coaching

… and ideally packaged with on-going mentoring sessions to support the actioning of new learning.

Why? -  Communication and relationships form the core of personal and organisational life … and are crucial for leading in a changing environment. While many managers are highly skilled technically, they often struggle to connect effectively in the workplace. Lack of self-awareness and the impact that poor leadership behaviours has on others, can reflect badly on both the individual leader and the organisation they represent.

What? - Reflective coaching is more than just being a sounding board or knowledgeable guide for the individual.  It’s like holding a mirror up to an individual’s behaviour, attitudes, leadership and communication styles … in a confidential and trusted environment. Nothing like a comprehensive reality check to ignite action …

How?Jilinda will help you discover and delete unresourceful thinking, language and behaviour that may be stopping you from achieving your business and personal goals … then coach you through development of your self-awareness and your ability to self-manage, so that you make better choices and build more effective relationships … so that you can lead and inspire others through times of change and uncertainty.
Coaching will help you:

  • Clarify what you want to achieve
  • Recognise the barriers or fears that limit growth
  • Identify what’s important and what’s not
  • Focus on your purpose and intent
  • Motivate you towards changes needed
  • Explore how to get there
  • Develop realistic solutions
  • Strengthen your commitment to action

Check out what others say …

Organisations may sponsor the coaching sessions for selected individuals, to support professional development and organisational performance improvements. It is vitally important, however that the individual is willing to commit 100% as they are responsible for creating and implementing personal and professional learning, and the resulting outcomes.

Coaching can successfully and conveniently be delivered face-to-face, using Skype or Telephone. Coaching sessions are confidential.

Contact us to come have a chat with you … let us help you assess your needs and explore the benefits