Individual Coaching & Mentoring Client feedback:


  • Overall experience - 5/5 -  highly beneficial.
  • Would like to continue with more sessions- 100%.
  • Would recommend to other colleagues – 100%.
  • Level of expertise and professionalism by coach – 5/5 – extremely high.

Personal Testimonials:

2015: I just wanted to say thanks for everything you have helped me with over the past months … and also let you know that I accepted a [new] position that looks after behaviourally challenging students. Not only will I be teaching but also coaching and delivering PD to other teachers. Without your coaching I don’t think I would have had the courage to go for it. So once again a big thank you.” [DS - Toowoomba]

2014: “I was just saying to my boss how much I have got out of this second series of 6 personal coaching sessions.  I think for some of us, it takes a little while to build up our self-confidence … and then once it kicks in, it’s just naturally the way I do it now. Told him this is the best professional development I’ve ever had … just thought you’d like to know” [MH - Toowoomba]

2014: “Before I started my Leadership Development coaching I was struggling to understand my own value and personal power at work, which caused me feelings of self-doubt, and frustration at myself for not speaking up.  Since Jilinda’s coaching and mentoring I have become very adept at articulating my ideas and opinions and now know that my thoughts are valid and worth consideration. I have learned to lead regardless of my position or the behaviour of those around me. I am now more motivated and inspired for change … and I’m also better at self-managing my own time and making better choices. I highly recommend Jilinda’s coaching sessions … this was invaluable and fantastic for challenging ingrained behaviours and attitudes – a must for anyone!” [SW - Toowoomba]

2013The personal coaching journey I have taken with Jilinda so far has been amazing… I have learnt things about myself, I feel I always knew, however was too fearful to let show. She has helped me challenge my thoughts, opinions and assumptions which have led me to wonderful discoveries about myself. I have learnt that fear of the unknown can be daunting to most, however with Jilinda’s help, I now know the unknown can also represent new adventures, excitement and new encounters – which are 10/10s in my life circle. I am on track to achieve things I have wanted to do for many years when in the past I have been too fearful” [RR - Gladstone]

2013: “Jilinda had previously worked with one of my Divisional Managers around career coaching and I immediately saw the difference in the confidence the manager gained from the coaching sessions.  My contract of employment was unexpectedly terminated by my employer without reason, and Jilinda offered to provide coaching to me at this low point in my career.  I found these sessions to be most valuable and assisted me in regaining my confidence.  She has the uncanny knack of getting you to answer your own questions.  Without Jilinda’s coaching and support the journey back into my career would have taken a lot longer. [DMD - Yeppoon]

2012: Jilinda mentored me to become more confident in my work role … Her ability to make logical suggestions based on an assessment of ’the bigger picture’ is something few people are able to do. As a result, I have become more driven, empowered to work towards achieving my goals. I never felt threatened or judged in making suggestions or during the mentoring discussions, which is one of the reasons I believe our mentoring relationship was such a successful one.” [SFO - Gladstone]

2012: “Your pure honesty is much appreciated as it has always been my favourite “trait” [value].  For me personally, the coaching encouragement you gave me to act in a higher position provided me with much needed confidence and the opportunity to make greater use of the 14 years knowledge that I have gained in this sector…” [TN – Gladstone]

Organisational Client Testimonials:

2013-14: “We engaged Jilinda to coach our middle managers and key senior staff, to help improve their overall leadership confidence and personal resilience. All staff that received this personal coaching were immediately implementing notable change in the management of their day-to-day work. Several staff have requested additional coaching and this is being allocated in the new 2014-15 budget.  I would definitely recommend Jilinda’s coaching and mentoring to all levels of management and staff of SME and large businesses, for leadership development, career guidance, increasing confidence and resilience levels” [CEO - DGT - Toowoomba]