Jilinda is an experienced mentor and workplace trainer, and has dynamic leadership strengths, with extensive experience in change management, people performance management, idea creation and project development.  She enjoys stepping ‘outside the box’, influencing and leading change, inspiring others to be the best they can be and making a real difference.

As a Change Champion …  she focuses on the adventure of growth opportunities, efficiencies and effectiveness gains, new ideas and innovation … there are always positive choices and new learning to be explored.

Workforce VITALITY enjoy building partnerships and alliances with client organisations … we don’t just provide advice and walk away. Individual mentoring provides the practical support that often makes the difference between just ‘talking about it’ and ‘doing it’.

Recent research results show that when coaching and mentoring support is linked to new learning or new directions, the results are FOUR-FOLD, compared to simply attending a training course.

Passionate about encouraging organisations to ‘grow their own’ talent, Jilinda specialises in providing mentoring to leaders, managers, apprentice supervisors, training coordinators and leading-hands. Not everyone is cut out to be a great leader … this role should be less about promotion and more about ‘pro-mentoring’ and empowering others … again, the right people doing the right stuff, in the right way.

Mentoring packages to boost the leadership and people management capability in your workplace can be tailored to fit your needs, in areas of:

  • 0rganisational planning – from strategic -> individual accountability mapping
  • leadership development – influential behaviours
  • leading and managing change – support tools
  • team management – role design and performance management systems
  • diagnostic and profiling tools - team building
  • innovative ideas / concept development
  • effective communication – coaching and mentoring others

Some of the techniques, frameworks and internationally acclaimed tools we use include:

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