Workforce Capability Development

Jilinda-100 - slightly croppedWe are passionate about raising workforce capability levels, through strategic planning, leadership development, ideas creation, change management, people management, and effective workplace interactions … all with the purpose to support you in building vibrant workplace cultures that produce the results you desire.

Communication and a lack of addressing team connection problems are often at the core of poor workplace culture and subsequent people retention issues in the workplace.

Intergenerational communication is often a hot issue in the workplace … causing limiting beliefs, inappropriate behaviours, poor workplace culture and frankly, missed opportunities.  Effective relationships across generational differences are crucial in every organisation for succession planning and innovative ideas.

Are you losing good people because of this?  Do your key influencers have the right attitudes?  Improving this is not as difficult as you might think …

How? …  We will develop packaged delivery options that may involve one key area or a combination of:

  • effective communication across generations – individually or teams
  • personality, behaviour & energy drivers profiling assessments – individually or teams
  • workplace culture – linked to expected behaviours – interactive team work
  • team goal setting, commitment  and priority management – interactive team work
  • on-going support through email Q & A, blogs and Facebook updates

Ask us about our popular interactive workshops including:

  • Professional Development Workshops – broad range of content mix to improve communication effectiveness for Managers, Supervisors and Team LeadersDISC Dudes with CubesRGB
  • Team Building Workshops – using SEIP, DISC + Workplace Motivators [WPMOT], and a variety of team building exercises
  • VITAL VERVE – Workplace Culture 5 point program - to build the energy, spirit and vitality in your organisation

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We recognise that workforce development needs are unique to each organisation, so our approach is not a ‘one size fits all’ package … we like to gain understanding of the issues that you may currently spend way too much time on, and need help to resolve.

We are flexible and creative in providing personalised service and targeted solutions that can propel your organisation towards achieving its goals.

Contact us to come have a chat with you … let us help you assess your needs and explore the benefits …