A little more about TRUST …

Quote pic. Trust - big blocksA little more about TRUST … 


Leading a team can be made more difficult, or quite smooth and enjoyable for all, depending on how you enter and approach the role.

I believe it is vitally important to focus on these 3 key things –

  1. Be TRUSTworthy
  2. Lead with VISION
  3. ENGAGE as a role model or mentor

… these factors make all the difference.

You may remember from reading a series of previous blogs I posted called “Leadership: What it is, What it is NOT”  … that there is good reason to build and maintain the trust in your workplace … teams won’t follow your lead if they have lost trust in you as a leader. People must believe in the leader, before they believe in the vision.

It is in trust that engagement occurs, between you and your team, and between your team members. When trust is present, the team works more effectively and efficiently, sharing ideas and collaborating on them.

But what happens when there is no feeling of trust? In fact, if there is distrust within your team?

Lack of trust is the number one reason a person leaves an organisation. The impact can be ongoing, with stressful social situations being felt long after a particular event, and this can trigger fear and anxiety in similar situations in the future.

Neuroscience research shows that when there is a lack of trust – or mistrust – the brain responds by calling up memories of all the old fears and bad experiences.  It slows the responsiveness of the brain so that logical thinking and action taking are also slowed. So … there is no way that a team filled with mistrust will be able to work effectively, no matter how hard they try.

To build an effective team … one which engages with the task on hand and with each other … one who will get on board with your vision and follow you through changes; … you need to build TRUST.   The best place you can start is by trusting yourself and your team, and consistently demonstrating that you are a leader who can be trusted.

  • How self-aware are you of the impact your behaviour and actions – or inaction – has on others?
  • How TRUSTworthy are you?  You may think you have this in the bag, but remember – it’s not what you think that counts … it’s what others perceive about you that matters.

If you would like some help building trust within your team, I can help.  Our most popular and successful program – VITAL SIGNS Leadership Effectiveness  program will help you discover what triggers your thoughts, behaviours and actions …learn about your own personal values and motivators … and get clear on your goals.  When you understand yourself better, you will gain valuable insight into how to influence and motivate others.

Your VITAL SIGNS Leadership Effectiveness program will include:

  •  Social + Emotional Intelligence Profile [SEIP] assessment – completed online
  •  Comprehensive personal SEIP report – outlining strengths and vulnerable areas
  •  6 x personal one2one coaching sessions – to build YOUR leadership capability
  •  Follow-up emails with tips and tools, inspiration and encouragement
  •  2 x personal touch-base mentoring sessions – within 6 months of completing program

Here’s what a recent client said about this program:

“Before I started my Leadership Effectiveness coaching I was struggling to understand my own value and personal power at work, which caused feelings of self-doubt and frustration. Since Jilinda’s coaching and mentoring I have become very adept at articulating my ideas and have learned to lead regardless of my position or the behaviour of those around me. I am now more motivated and inspired to lead change. I highly recommend this program; it is invaluable and fantastic for challenging ingrained behaviours and attitudes – a must for anyone!” [SW - Toowoomba]

Contact Workforce VITALITY today to talk to us about this program and other options.  We will partner with you to create the right solution for your workplace.

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