About Us


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Workforce VITALITY … is passionate about everything LEADERSHIP.

We live it, speak it, write it, and influence others in it.

Our vision is to develop dynamic change leaders, to energise teams and empower key people to build vibrant workplace cultures. 

We love helping organisations develop and empower their key people with the knowledge, skills and tools to lead change and inspire others … increasing capability, flexibility and potential that drives individual and organisational success in our continually changing world.

Why? – From years of interaction with industry leaders, community leaders, CEOs, Directors, and front-line Managers, we know many struggle with leading and influencing change, and effectively managing themselves and their people through continual change.

How? – Dynamic leadership skills can be developed with the right support. We help organisations by creating fully-customised, targeted leadership development programs, for individuals and teams, through a simple 5 step process:

  1. Identifying your needs – your ‘pain points’
  2. Choosing the right learning solution from a range of options
  3. Selecting your preferred packaged delivery methods – [coaching, mentoring, group workshops, online assessments ... ]
  4. Determining the structure  - [participant numbers, when, where, over what period ...]
  5. Providing flexible program delivery and ongoing support.

PEOPLE - DEAL - AGREEMENT. istock-illustration-5677738-orange-man-in-on-dealWhy us? - We have a passion for leadership development that drives change, and builds capabililty and innovation in workplaces … in a nutshell, we love being Change Champions.

Why are we different? - We have a unique blend of professional skills, experiences and products that we provide through:

- Genuine Engagement: We like to be part of the solution … connect and partner with organisations, starting with the leadership team … building connection, trust and intention, openness to change and commitment to personal development. We engage with humour, straight talk [no fluff] and encourage lively, challenging discussion.

- Tailored Solutions:  We tailor our delivery using a combination of personal coaching, leadership mentoring, professional development and team building workshops, and ongoing support.  This is more effective at creating change because it is targeted at addressing the core issues rather than completing a prescribed off-the-shelf training program [just to tick a box].

- Our Delivery:  We travel to workplace locations throughout Australia to personally engage, and provide flexible solutions that suit delivery preferences. Delivery packages can include: individual coaching by telephone or Skype, face-to-face workshops, short webinars, practical exercises and online support.