BE YOURSELF…you are enough – Series~Tip #2

PEOPLE - ME2. istock-illustration-13046556-humanBE YOURSELF … Part 2 of a personal challenge blog series that shares my 6 TIPS on how to embrace BEING YOU.

If you have not read the start of this series, you can access previous parts in my Life Coaching blog box.

Today, my message to you is to walk your own path, with your head held high knowing that you ARE good enough … more than that, you are an individual, with your own mind and spirit, poured into your own unique body shape, and put here for a purpose. No one can take that away from you unless you choose to let them.

Yes … we are all different … how beautiful is that. Don’t waste time constantly comparing yourself with others. Be consciously aware of how you judge yourself, and how you judge others.  Don’t live your life trying to adapt to other people’s standards, rules or expectations … make your own.

That doesn’t mean you totally discard all good advice and stop caring for YOURSELF all together … turning into a slob and getting around in tracky-dacks or jimmy-jams every day. Care for yourself … embrace your body … enjoy exercise the way you like it … enjoy fresh, clean food and your favorite treats. Listen to what your body is telling you.

For example, I love long walks on the beach and yoga stretches at the rocks in the late afternoon breeze all year round … it clears my head, gives me vitality and what I call ‘happy juices’. I don’t do it to become the size 10 that perhaps others think I should be … I have a curvy, muscly shape … I’ve not been a size 10 since I was 10 years old! I love my womanly, sexy shape [and just quietly, so does my partner] … and I also like the way I feel when I am as fit and healthy as possible. I do it for ME, I don’t do it to impress others.

I am a strong believer in the power of individuality … so much so that I have a prominent tattoo on my right inside forearm that is my motto: DARE TO BE ME.  If you are authentic, there is no competition. If there is no competition, the pressure is off.

My #TWO TIP to BE YOUStop caring about how others perceive you

Focus on all of your positives, play to your strengths and live with gratitude for all that you are and all that you have.  Don’t let the comments and thoughts of others bother you. Live your life, not theirs.

Know that you have the inner confidence to simply BE YOU … live an uncomplicated life of your choosing … aligned with your own true purpose.   Know that you have all that you need inside you RIGHT NOW to stop focusing on fitting into others’ ideals.

Don’t let others determine your course … and if they have until this point, the time to change it is RIGHT NOW.

Be your authentic self … DARE TO BE YOU :)

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