Why you should never cancel your Staff Xmas Party …

Xmas party - red and white group

HAPPY XMAS PARTY SEASON ... make it a meaningful event. Regardless of budget constraints or less-than-optimal situations, you should NEVER CANCEL THE STAFF XMAS PARTY. If there is one time of the year that staff want to feel appreciated, valued, … [Read more...]

Say What? – The 17 things you should never say to your boss

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Do you ever feel like shouting ... GET OFF MY CASE!!  “LEAVE me alone!” I recently heard of one young, very high-performing salesman who said it to his boss. Even though he was generating huge sales numbers,  he was often late to work … [Read more...]

Best Employers – 4 Critical Priorities

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Recent ‘Best Employers” practices research shows that high employee engagement levels help organisations mitigate the impact of tough market conditions. The rewards for maintaining focus on employee engagement is clear … best employers achieve … [Read more...]

Performance Reviews – stifle regular feedback

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Recently, an HR expert and author was calling for an end to traditional performance reviews, arguing they actually stop managers from providing useful feedback to their team members. Holding once or twice yearly reviews stifles more effective … [Read more...]

Combat talent shortage – nurture top performers

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The threat of a talent shortage is nothing new for Australian companies; studies consistently show that the issue will continue to persist for years to come. A recent 2012 survey found that 50 per cent of employers in Australia are having … [Read more...]

Gender equality – new law

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New law drives gender equality at work The Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012, passed by federal parliament in November 2012, is a landmark development on the journey to gender equality in Australian workplaces. It: focuses on gender equality … [Read more...]