VITAL BUZZ Team Building Program

Why VITAL BUZZ?  … Happy workplaces have teams buzzing with energy, vitality and enthusiasm … happy staff who enjoy coming to your workplace.Quote pic. bees-buzzing

Our professional development group workshops are interactive, engaging, practical, targeted to the participants needs, and enjoyable. We believe learning as a group should be relaxed and fun.

Topics we have developed and delivered so far include:

  • Getting the basics right
  • Be a Triple AAA employer … [Attitude, Aptitude, Action]
  • Fair Deal all round … [ideal for apprentice managers and supervisors]
  • Bridging the Generational Gap
  • Communication Solutions / Challenging Conversations … *Popular
  • Self Management …[increasing personal effectiveness]
  • Building Resilience [includes stress management, accepting change, smashing fears]
  • ‘Who moved my cheese’ [a light hearted workshop on moving with change] *NEW
  • Time Management / Mindful focus …*Practical tips and tools
  • Team Building … [including DISC overview]
  • SEIP overview … [understanding why building emotional intelligence is critical]
  • Coaching 101 …[asking great questions]
  • Marketing Mindset … [building effective relationships]
  • Recruit the right ones – Retain the right way

We are continually adding to this list,  using our knowledge, experience and researching new approaches, to enable us to develop targeted solutions for your needs.

Got a unique issue?  Just ask us