Reviews, Feedback and Testimonials

Tick_button_imageProfessional Development & 
Team Building Workshops – 2013 -2015:


  • Overall – 4.5/5 – very useful – highly beneficial.
  • Recommend workshops to others – 100%.
  • Implementation of new actions from learnings – 70%.

Building Resilience – ‘Who Moved My Cheese’ workshop Participants Comments: 

  • Thank you – just what I needed. I wish my wife could have been here too … I now know I am ready for change, but she is held back by fear of the unknown [offered ongoing coaching]
  • ‘Cheese woman’ key speaker was excellent [guessing 'cheese woman' is easier to remember than 'Jilinda']
  • Not enough time was allowed for the ‘cheese’ session … would have liked to spend more time on this [our workshop was one of many options at a PD day]
  • Cheese workshop’ gave me a better insight into my own attitude to change.

Self-Management and Effective Communication Participants Comments:

  • Great tools to help me manage my time at work more effectively. My main learning was scheduling my work (today, this week, this month, later), scheduling emails and phone calls, and understanding the impact of distractions.
  • The best thing was understanding that I can only accomplish max 3-5 tasks per day, and that by trying to achieve everything at once, I am really not completing anything well.
  • Three great things for me: Self-awareness, time management techniques, more personal power.
  • I got so much in learning how to organise my calendar correctly … and now using it to manage how I use my time each day.

DISC Team Building Participants Comments:

  • Great way to gain understanding why some of my colleagues behave the way they do.
  • I now have a better understanding of my own self-worth and value in the team, whereas before I thought I was insignificant.
  • Understanding the behaviour styles of my work colleagues and what motivates them makes it easier to ‘get them’.
  • I loved being able to understand why I get along with some people better than others … I really enjoyed this workshop, and would jump at the opportunity to do something like this again

Organisational Client Testimonial:

2015: “Thank you for delivering the ['Who Moved My Cheese'] session; we’ve had some great feedback from staff.  I felt Jilinda’s attitude and energy towards change was very motivating and the worksh0p was very thought-provoking. I could certainly identify a couple of the characters in the short clip [story] within our organisation. I’d like to engage Jilinda to deliver it again for a couple of staff who have expressed disappointment in missing this session; they have identified that they could really use some help in accepting change and building personal resilience.”  [HR Officer - Carrathool Shire Council - NSW]

2013-14: “We initially engaged Jilinda to deliver professional development workshops to help improve our organisational capability around their time management, planning skills, and overall confidence and resilience. [I noticed] our team  immediately implementing notable change in the management of their day-to-day work.  Additionally, through subsequent interactive team building workshops, we recognised that all staff have individual personalities and behaviour traits, and our team culture is now more accepting, understanding and harmonious. Key learnings from this have been a constant and positive conversation topic since we all undertook these workshops; in fact all staff provided comment that it was the best, most practical training they have received. 

I would definitely recommend this professional development training to all levels of management and staff of SME and large businesses, for leadership development, career guidance, increasing confidence and resilience levels, and improving workplace culture”       [CEO - DGT - Toowoomba QLD]